Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Soapbox

Green Arrow


I’ve always considered myself a lover of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. He’s funny, sarcastic, and at times severely gritty. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his journey from his resurrection to rise and fall and when it was announced that J.T. Krul was going to be writing the new series I was ecstatic because J.T. gets that Green Arrow can be a selfish prick and have the best intentions all at the same time. But here’s what I’ve discovered about my love of Oliver Queen, it’s not a love of Oliver at all. It’s a love of Connor, Mia, Dinah, Roy, and Oliver. The Arrow family is a necessary unit. Now, I don’t expect Dinah to come back and I don’t think I would forgive her if she did and Roy is…busy. But where are Connor and Mia? Are they praying with monks, because if they are, let us know, and give them a side story. I understand that they don’t have a place in the current arc, but I sincerely hope that they come back into the story and quickly before the Arthurian references go too far.

Off the soapbox, I think the story will change a lot when Brightest Day is finished. I’ll cross my fingers and hope that 2011 brings some Speedy happiness.


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