Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcomes and Introductions

Complete immersion is the only way that we know of to get into something new, and that’s exactly what Paul and I did five years ago when we started reading comics. Don’t get me wrong, we had read some here and there, Sandman, Sin City, Hellblazer, etc., but not on a regular basis. We started with graphics, catching up on the necessary reads. Once we found our footing somewhat we started in on single issues with a vengeance, I’m not kidding, spreadsheets were involved (not of my making, credit where credit is due you understand).

So what can you expect from this blog? Don’t expect to see a lot of Marvel, no disrespect to the folk there, but that is just not our world, minus the occasional X-Men venture. DC, Oni, Dark Horse, and various others hold our attention and hopefully yours.

Sometimes Paul and I agree, sometimes we don’t, Guy Gardner for instance is a point of contention in our house, but we’ll expand on that later.

As for us, we are theatre educated, cat rescuing geeks with growing concerns about where all of these long boxes are going to go.


Paul’s Two Cents

Apparently, extensive lists of needed issues carried on one’s person are completely different from a spreadsheet.


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