Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Fresh Start for the New Year

So we have been negligent of the blog of late, what with holidays and overall stress-induced procrastination, but it’s a new year. The new year in comics will bring some interesting changes to the books we know and love.

Let’s start with the sad news. Azrael and Batman: Streets of Gotham have been canceled, and will finish out early in the year. Paul has enjoyed Azrael but he says the end is pretty obviously in sight. Streets of Gotham was a bit of an anomaly. There were some storylines that were rock solid and some that lost their footing, I think in the end it just had a hard time finding its place in the never-ending world of Batman books. The latest Hush story has been fascinating though and I will be sad to see it end.

In just a few short months Terry Moore’s Echo will be ending. I am a huge lover of Strangers in Paradise and have really been digging on Echo since the first issue, but I appreciate the fact that Moore had a beginning, middle, and end perfectly set from the beginning and stuck with it.

Buffy Season 8…if you frequent Same Bat Panel, you know exactly how I feel about the end of this and if it ever comes it will be sweet relief.

On the bright side, there are rumors that J.T. Krul will FINALLY bring Mia back into the Green Arrow world this summer. If he doesn’t, we’re going to have words…not that I’ve ever met the man.

Dynamite is releasing a new series by Garth Ennis that sounds freaking awesome. As much as I’ve enjoyed The Boys, I’m ready for some new Garth.

During our hiatus, Batwoman #0 was released and while it was super short, it lived up to the hype. It was really just a set-up for the series starting in February, but it did its job and left me hungry for more.

Paul and I were lucky enough to meet Greg Rucka at a signing last year and he promises a new Stumptown story this Spring as well as a new series later in the year. If you haven’t checked out Stumptown yet, it’s a must read, and if you’ve never read Rucka’s earlier Queen and Country series, well, there are no words.

And last but certainly not least, a new Red Lantern series has been announced. Let the excitement commence!

Stick with us this year, it’s going to be a wonderful blood-spewing ride.


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