Thursday, January 27, 2011


American Vampire

Issue #11

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by Mateus Santolouco

This issue finishes up a short arc about Pearl and Henry in their new life, and a nasty run-in with some bootleggers. I really liked this arc, it was really nice to get the story back to the core of the series, Pearl, even though the Las Vegas story of the past few months has been really interesting.

The action ran high this issue, with fill-in artist Mateus Sanotlouco ratcheting up the ultra-violence to the extreme. The energy was kinetic and jumped right off the page.

I also really liked the continued story of Hattie, Pearl’s roommate from the first arc. Scott Snyder is really developing a really strong supporting cast, which makes the comic much more layered and interesting.

Overall, American Vampire is consistently one of the better comics on the shelves, and let’s hope there are many more issues to come.


Batman: Streets of Gotham

Issue #19

Written by: Paul Dini

Art by: Dustin Nguyen

(I know this came out last week, but I wanted to review it since there’s so little time left!)

This Hush storyline has been so great, I can’t believe they canceled this series. The whole storyline is just so pulpy, I want to go out a buy a fedora. The different perspectives on Thomas Wayne’s past and the glimpse into Joker’s beginnings in Gotham have a disturbing quality to them. I find myself wanting to believe only the best about Bruce Wayne’s parents, and seeing them as human beings with flaws is actually physically uncomfortable. This is the kind of story that makes Paul Dini shine for me, and makes me almost forget how much I dislike his work with Poison Ivy.

There are only a couple issues left, and I will definitely miss this series. Thank goodness I’ll get my Dustin Nguyen fix in Batgirl.


Detective Comics

Issue #873

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jock


This issue is the conclusion of the Black Mirror storyline, and while I have really enjoyed this story I felt like it ended rather abruptly. Dick has to escape from the evil gas baddies with a little help from the infamous crowbar, which made me a little wistful for Jason Todd. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Red Hood. But I digress, the hallucination scene was fun, I’m always up for a little Babs/Dick drama.

What I thought happened a little too quickly was the final battle scene. It took me a second to get my bearings on how Dick knew exactly where to go and how he got there so quickly. I guess I just couldn’t go that far with the whole suspension of disbelief thing. But it was a fun romp and I liked how Etienne Guiborg was suddenly a monster and how it was explained away perfectly. A little silly but a smashing romp all the same.


Justice League: Generation Lost

Issue #18

Written by: Judd Winick

Art by: Joe Bennett


When I first opened this issue, the first words that came out of my mouth were, “Whoa, look at Power Girls hair!” Then Paul informed me that I should actually read the page and realize that we were not in the present.

This issue was PAINFUL! And I mean that in a good way. I don’t like seeing Power Girl abused in this fashion by that bastard Max Lord! But, good news my friends, I think the madness is finally over and Power Girl is on the team, never to forget again.

Poor Jaime! Let’s talk about some more horrible abuse. What does Max want with Blue Beetle? Paul and I disagree on what’s to be Blue Beetle’s fate.  Paul is sure that Jaime is going to die, but I just can’t see DC doing that, especially considering there’s a television show planned for him. We’ll just have to see.

In terms of Generation Lost though, this was a great issue.


Teen Titans

Issue #91

Written by: J.T. Krul

Art by: Nicola Scott


Rose Wilson is such a bad ass! I used to think that I only liked Damian when he was around Dick. Their dynamic balances out Damian’s crazy, but the Damian/Ravager dynamic works just as well, and the scene where they are discussing their psychotic parents is priceless. Rose won’t put up with any of his crap, but can also identify with him which makes their relationship a unique one…and makes Damian less obnoxious. He was almost charming in this issue.

The Cassie/Conner issues were to be expected. I have to say, I’m not digging on how Cassie is being drawn these days, her features are a little softer than normal.

Bart got a little saving action in and we’re all set for the Red Robin crossover. Tim and Damian together without proper supervision is always an interesting ride.


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