Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Future of the Bat Family

October is an important month as we gear up for Bruce Wayne’s return.  The Road Home will consist of a 8 one-shots all told from different series/characters perspectives.  Originally we were supposed to have the first couple issues of the Road Home last week but they were pushed back, so now we get the first four this Wednesday in addition to issue #5 of the Return of Bruce Wayne. 

The Road Home 

Honestly, I haven’t missed Bruce Wayne, but I am excited for the drama that will ensue when he comes back.  For months Paul and I have discussed how Bruce’s return will affect the Dick/Damian relationship.  Batman and Robin has been a wonderful series from the first issue and we were concerned that to replace Dick with Bruce would kill the dynamic between the characters and send Damian on a psychotic killing spree.  Damian is way too broken to be raised by Bruce, so it’s vital that he stay with Dick and Alfred.  Imagine our relief when we found out that DC agreed with us. 

batman inc preview batman preview dark knight preview detective preview

Batman Incorporated will mean that both Bruce and Dick can be Batman and maintain their own stories.  It also means that one my favorite characters is coming back with her own series.  The Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III run of Detective Comics featuring Batwoman was brilliant, which made Greg Rucka leaving DC that much more heartbreaking.  But J.H. Williams III is taking up the reigns and Batwoman is getting her own series that will officially begin next year, with a preview issue this November.  Yay!

batwoman preview

Well at least we know that Gotham will be safe, but what does Bruce Wayne’s return for the emotional well-being of the characters we know and love?  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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