Thursday, October 7, 2010


the boys

The Boys Issue #47

Written by: Garth Ennis

Art by: Russ Braun and Darick Robertson


This is the issue that I have been expecting for a very long time. And by expecting I mean dreading. In the last issue, Annie’s sordid secret was revealed to Hughie, and this issue consisted mainly of his reaction. Sometimes I forget while reading a Garth Ennis comic, in between the violence and poop jokes, that he is capable of such tragic and heart-wrenching drama. He has quite the talent of slowly building characters up, and then tearing them down in the most devastating way possible.

The emotional power of the last half of the issue is heightened by the slow build of the first half. Both Hughie’s reaction to watching the video and Annie’s conversation with Queen Maeve set up a sense of impending destruction; and when it strikes, with his emotionally violent attack, their whole relationship broke apart before my eyes. I felt for Hughie’s pain and confusion, but more so I saw Annie torn down another rung as the man she loves drags her through the pain and shame she had been living with for so long. This is why I love Garth Ennis’ stories.



brightest day

Brightest Day Issue #11

Written by: Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi

Art by: Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Patrick Gleason and Joe Prado


Brightest Day is awesome. There, I said it. This series makes me want to go out and buy back issues. I feel so at home with characters I know nothing about, except what has been in Blackest Night and this, but I am completely wrapped up in the stories. And the characters I do know, I just like them even more in Brightest Day.

I was a little unsure of the Firestorm story up until this month, but when Deathstorm popped out, the stakes were raised substantially. The two page splash (see the cover of the issue) was so surprising; it actually took my breath away.

And then there was the Aqua storyline. I have never been so enraptured in characters I don’t know. This story, with the protection of the new Aqualad, Jackson Hyde from his awesomely creepy father, Black Manta, has had me hooked from the start. This week was no exception, with the all-out brawl between Aquaman and Black Manta that sparkles with Ivan Reis’ gorgeous art. I can hardly wait two weeks for the next issue.




iZombie Issue #6

Written by: Chris Roberson

Art by: Michael Allred


Oh Scotty the were-terrier. I am a lover of back-story, but I was missing Gwen and Ellie in this issue. I wanted to get back to the big question about Gwen’s issues as a zombie; will she have to elevate her eating habits in order to maintain her memory? But that was not addressed in this issue. The story of Scotty the were-terrier was just like Scotty: light, whimsical, can I get an “awe shucks”? Don’t get me wrong, it was amusing if not greatly enlightening. How Scotty became a were-terrier for instance, was not a big shock. As for the introduction of the monkey all I can say is, no monkey will ever be as cool as Ampersand.



secret six

Secret Six Issue #26

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: J. Calafiore


Oh Gail, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, 1. Scandal Savage 2. Catman 3. Deadshot 4. Jeannette 5. Bane 6. Ragdoll (save the best for last of course). Secret Six never disappoints, even with I’m not super excited about the mission, the dialogue keeps me supremely entertained. So where are our favorite antiheroes this month? The team is divided, on one hand we have Bane’s crew working for Spy Smasher (who needs a serious beat-down by Amanda Waller) in Skartaris, a secret world located at the Earth’s core. On the other hand, we have Scandal’s crew who are trying to stop them under the supervision of “Mockingbird”. The conflict? Imperialism of course, but when do our fearless six ever actually know what the ultimate goal of their mission is?  That’s what makes them fun; the concept that “consequences” rarely affects their actions. While I’m not a big Bane fan, I have enjoyed the Bane/Scandal daddy drama, so this was an important issue as the two came head to head. This is only the second issue in a four part story, so next month is likely to pose more questions than answers, but I will say this, the Secret Six will never be the same.

Ragdoll Quote of the Month: “It’s even prettier as precipitation. I never knew falling entrails could be so lovely.”



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