Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emerald City Comicon


ECCC Day 1: Paul and I spent most of the day traveling, but still managed to get to the con by around 3:30pm.  Friday was the day we decided to just take everything in, so I left the comics in need of signatures back at the hotel and off we went.  The exhibit showroom was positively overwhelming.  Thankfully we had lists and were able to buy quite a few comics that we needed.  The only panel that we attended on Friday was “DC Nation”.  I’m sure that a lot of people on the net are going to talk about the DC panels because they were by far the most disappointing.  I know that the big announcements are going to come at C2E2 and San Diego, but honestly Paul and I got better information by reading The Source on Friday than we did at any DC Panel.  Both (Friday and Saturday) were only question and answer sessions and the answer to practically every question was “I can’t answer that, but keep reading.” Some structure would have been nice.  They had really great creators at the DC panels and I would have liked it if each were given a little time to talk about what they’re doing.  The only bit of information that made me happy was they confirmed that there are future plans for Deadman following Brightest Day.  Back to The Source though, the Flashpoint covers they announced this week are sweet!  I did discover that I disagree with a lot of other readers out there.  Bring back Elseworlds?  Please God NO! 

ECCC Day 2: So take all the people who showed up on Friday and quadruple it!  There was a point when the line for Mike Mignola and the line for the Boondock Saints converged into one and threatened chaos!  I’m not really one for lines, so I didn’t wait in either, but I did make sure to get my Norman Reedus fix by walking by the booth a few times.  We got most of the comics we brought signed.  Nick Spencer was an enigma and I could never seem to find him and the Brian Michael Bendis line was just not going to happen.  The first signature we went for was Greg Rucka.  Still no dates set for the next Stumptown story, but he is announcing a new project at C2E2, so we’re looking forward to that.  Matthew Clarke was next, we’re so sad that Doom Patrol is ending and he was super nice so hopefully DC will find something else for him to do and stat!  I won’t go into everyone we hit up for signatures, although I could because they were all delightful.  The Vertigo and Oni Press panels were both enjoyable, and piqued our interest about some of the ongoing books that we’ve been waiting to pick up.  Oni Press got out heartfelt thanks later when we went to their booth and found some back issues of The Damned: Prodigal Sons that we’ve been searching for forever.  To sweeten the deal, Brian Hurtt signed them for us and promised another storyline at some point.   It all depends on the how scheduling goes for The Sixth Gun

So now it’s Sunday morning and we’re basking in the glow of the huge amount of stuff that we bought and looking forward to our next con, Comicpalooza,  which will thankfully be on our home turf in May. 



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