Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

Oh…my…goodness.  That’s certainly interesting.  I kept my mouth shut when they cast Adrianne Palicki as Diana, even though I have severe reservations, and I didn’t say a word when Elizabeth Hurley was cast as Veronica Kale which I violently disagree with, but now I’m done.  That costume looks plastic.  They didn’t have to go super camp!  Diana is such a strong character and worthy of so much more. 


G said...

That is a bummer. I like some of the recent comic revival takes on WW, using the black costume with color as highlights. This definitely takes it right back to the old TV show without even doing the comics justice.

Jac and Paul Zappone said...

I completely agree. We as an audience have proven that we're ready for a more realistic take on superheroes, and you're totally right, the recent Wonder Woman comics have been great and worth some attention.

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