Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Xombi #1

Written by: John Rozum

Art by: Fraser Irving

A common comic debate in our house revolves around Fraser Irving’s work on Batman.  Paul is a huge fan while I’m not so fond of how he draws the Wayne family, so we were both very curious to see how we would respond to Xombi.  This is what I learned, as long as he’s not drawing Dick Grayson, I am a Fraser Irving convert, but more importantly than that, Xombi is quite possibly about to become one of my new favorite series.  It was hilarious, I actually had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard at the quirky one liners and names of the nuns.  I knew I was going to love it at the first Forbidden Planet reference. 

The premise revolves around character David Kim whose body is inhabited by nanomachines that he is able to communicate with and instruct to do his bidding…sort of.  They also have a mind of their own.  In the first issue David and his strange assortment of religious superheroes have to find out what happened to the prisoners in a molecularly engineered shrunken prison.  I told you it was quirky, and awesome.


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