Monday, June 6, 2011

Bat News…With Laughter and Tears

Wow, I am so full of conflicting emotions right now.  Major Bat news was announced today, and I will get to all of them but I really have to talk about Batgirl before I talk about anything else.  It was announced today that Gail Simone will be writing Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.  I have a big issue with rewriting the history of Babs in this way.  The evolution of Babs as a character was very touching and while it may sound cheesy, Babs as Oracle was a role model.  She represented so much goodness in the importance of knowledge and overcoming ones limitations to achieve great things.  Now all of that is gone, but I had a gut wrenching reaction in learning that Gail is going to be writing it, because it’s Gail.  She has great respect and knowledge of this character and she’s one of my absolute favorite comic writers so I trust her.  In a recent article that Gail Simone wrote for Comic Alliance, she said that people would be heartbroken with some of the announcements, and I have to say that I am.  I’m actually a bit embarrassed by how fierce my emotional reaction is to this news.  The age change really confuses me, because Babs being younger means that Dick will be younger, but Damian is staying the same age, so where does Tim fit in now?  As for Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, I will whole heartedly say, they got screwed and it sucks.

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So I’ve already alluded to this, but Dick Grayson is back as Nightwing and he will be in Gotham.  I’m okay with this, I had a feeling it was coming and it’s not a big leap.  They got a really good creative team in Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows, so I’m happy to see where this one goes.

Since this is a Bat news post, I should probably talk about Batman…it’s Bruce Wayne, surprise!  The Batman books really aren’t changing much, besides the fact that it will be Bruce all the time now.  Batman and Robin is in the brilliant hands of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson.  I’m going to miss the dynamic between Dick and Damian, this is going to be a very different book now that Bruce is in the mix.  Alfred is going to be a super necessary component in keeping Damian in line because let’s just say it, Bruce has a tendency to be rather neglectful. 

Batman and Detective are switching writers.  Scott Snyder will be taking over Batman and Tony Daniel will be doing Detective.  They have both been doing excellent work lately on the Bat books, so I don’t have any concerns about the upcoming storylines.   Batman: The Dark Knight is also sticking around, written by David Finch with art by Jay Fabok.  I’m actually kind of surprised that this book made the cut.  It’s a  good read, but do we really need four Bruce books?

dtc_cv11 bm_rob_cv1

Batwoman is a definite, thank goodness, and Judd Winick is writing a new series called Batwing, which is going to be about the Batman of Africa.

More good news first and then I’m returning to some serious heartbreak.  Jason Todd gets his own series!!!  In The Red Hood and the Outlaws Jason Todd will be joined by Roy as Arsenal and Starfire.  Titans bites the dust!  This has rockin’ potential to be a great romp.  What would make it better in my eyes is if it were being written by Judd Winick, but he’s going to be a bit busy, because he is writing Catwoman.  That’s right my friends, Judd is taking over Selina Kyle, there is some justice left in the world! So that’s the happy news…

ctw_cv1 red_hood_cv1_r1

Birds of Prey is another source of heartbreak for me right now.  First of all, Gail isn’t writing it but that’s not a shock because it’s a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GROUP.  The only original left is Dinah and she looks…well I’m just going to say it, she looks wrong.  Huntress and Zinda are gone…THEY’RE GONE!  Instead, Dinah is joined by Katana, who I usually love, but who looks like a freakin’ robot.  Rose/Thorn…I don’t even know who this chick is, and someone who looks suspiciously like Poison Ivy.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Poison Ivy?  Black Canary is the only bird I see in this group.  Flabbergasted, I’m just flabbergasted, and more than a little pissed.



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