Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rumor Explosion!

Day 1 after DC announcement is fraught with craziness.  Bleeding Cool is reporting some things that honestly make me want to curl up and cry, so right now I’m choosing to wait until DC comments before I truly believe anything.  Stephanie Brown is my Batgirl, so DC, if you’re listening, don’t screw this up.

Dick Grayson back to being Nightwing?  This really wouldn’t surprise me, but it leaves Damian hanging in a bad situation.  I’ve said it before, a Bruce/Damian team up is a bad idea, not to mention it leaves Tim out in the cold.  The last few months of Red Robin haven’t been up to par with the beginning of the series, but I still look forward to it every month.

Birds of Prey without Gail Simone…why? 

I did have some happy thoughts today though about the reboot.  Titans…be gone!  Let’s get Roy back from the dark side.  One rumor I really hope is true is Fabian Nicieza writing Teen Titans, he would be perfect.  Am I the only one who wants the Teen Titans to go save Red Devil?  I’m still holding out for a Red Lantern series and right now, anything is possible. 


Nate said...

wow, nicieza on teen titans... my absolute fave comic of all time will always be the first run of the new warriors, it's the series that got me into comics, and it's because of fabe. i'd pick that up just for nostalgia's sake, let alone his awesome writing.

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